Record cabinet made of scaffolding pipes and pine carpentry panel, by Andreo

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A record cabinet spanning the entire height of the wall with space for a record player, amplifier and CD player. The cabinet consists of the supplied carpentry panels (very fine material) and riser pipe. /p>

Custom record cabinet

First assembled the base of the cabinet with scaffolding pipe. These were cut to size where necessary with the angle grinder. Measured out where the holes would be in the shelves and drilled them with a hole drill. Shelves were neatly sanded so that they were nice and smooth and then painted twice with high-gloss water-based lacquer in the color RAL 4003. Then the cabinet was assembled and placed in front of the wall to mark where I had to drill the holes to attach the cabinet. can put on the wall. Cabinet screwed to the wall, all shelves leveled and ready.

The dimensions of the cabinet

150.0 cm wide, 35.0 cm deep excluding the shelf for the turntable which is 59.0 cm deep, 280.0 cm high.

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