Putting a kitchen island on wheels

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Because we could not decide where we wanted a kitchen island, the idea arose to place the island on wheels. We needed a very sturdy bottom plate for this. Where we placed 8 wheels ourselves and made a recess for an electricity cable for the induction hob with internal extraction. While googling we came across the site of TOSIZE.co.uk. There they saw 40 mm thick plates, exactly what we needed. Of course, it had to match exactly with the dimensions of the island what had to be placed on it. The sizes are stated with the order. It was also delivered exactly as stated. Sending also ran smoothly. We got the time when the product would be delivered and they neatly brought the plate in. The kitchen technician was then able to install the kitchen nicely on the plate. And everything is running smoothly now? thanks to TOSIZE.co.uk!

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