Practical table with custom-made compartments, by Chris

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2 minutes

Practical homemade high table

Are you looking for a source of inspiration for a unique DIY creation for your living space? Then discover how Chris created this striking high table himself, using custom-sawn material from A beautiful addition to any living room, which is both stylish and functional.

The construction of the homemade table

This DIY project shows how to create a high white table with precision and attention to detail. table is created. The table is expertly assembled with panels of Primed MDF 38 mm, the edges of which still need some extra attention. The parts combined offer open compartments, which give the whole a playful and practical twist.

Perfect for the living room

Placed in the living room, Chris' high white table not only offers a attractive element but also extra storage space. By creating space for decoration or storage both on top and in the open compartments, it increases the functionality of the space without overwhelming it.

Benefits of making your own table

Making your own furniture , such as this high table, gives you complete control over dimensions and use of materials. You personalize your piece of furniture to your own preference and budget, something that is rarely possible with ready-made furniture. Moreover, self-construction ensures great satisfaction and a unique result that fits perfectly with your interior.

Stylish addition to the interior

Once finished, Chris' high table fits into any room. It exudes a minimalist yet warm atmosphere, fitting within a Scandinavian to modern style. The sleek lines combined with the natural wood tones make this piece of furniture a timeless asset to any interior.

Advantages of MDF Primed 38 mm

MDF Primed 38 mm is praised for its durability, strength and smooth surface, which makes it particularly suitable for furniture projects such as this table. The material is easy to work with and the already primed layer makes painting a piece of cake. For someone looking for a high-quality yet budget-friendly solution, MDF Primed is an excellent choice.

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How next?

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