Pimping the dining room bench with oak wood, by Paul

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Very easy

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Shelf for bench at the dining table. The base is from Ikea and embellished with this shelf. It fits exactly and is neatly finished. It looks good!

Incorporating oak into your dining room bench

You can do that quite easily. We placed an oak plank on top of the Ikea base. We wanted to make the Ikea furniture a little more beautiful by introducing real wood into the dining area. We therefore opted for an oak wooden plank. The shelf is attached to the base with glue. We are very happy and satisfied with it! The oak plank fits exactly and is neatly finished. The rounded side at the front is very nice and makes the seating area comfortable. Hopefully we will enjoy it for a long time and we may order more in the future.

Oak top of size

276.0 cm x 51.0 cm

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