Open cupboards in underlayment, by Nele

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On this page you will find Nele's DIY project. Nele has made open cupboards from underlayment, which frees up a lot of storage space. She shares her adventure and the steps she took to create these unique cabinets. The detailed sketches help with the preparations for the project. Nele also describes how she measured, sawed and assembled the wood. She also explains how she finished the cabinets and added a personal touch with decorative elements. The result is a trendy and functional storage space that fits perfectly with the space. If you want to make open cupboards yourself, follow Nele's tips and inspiration on this page.

Description by Nele

I made a total of six different cupboards, this is it most clearly visible on my working drawings. The 'big' wall cabinet for the kitchen actually consists of four separate cabinets, to make the project a little more manageable. In addition to this large cupboard, I made two similar low cupboards for our living room, in two different sizes.

How I made this project

I first glued the panels together with wood glue (Griffon ES30 quick drying, dried transparent in 3 minutes) and secured them with corner clamps (I had only four available, but six or even eight would have been better). Then I simply drilled holes and secured them with a universal screw (with pozy/Z2 head, 4x60). On the corners I used 3 screws each over the entire depth of the cabinets, for the middle shelves only 2 because of the thickness of the sheet material (1.8cm) this is sufficiently sturdy.

Dimensions of my DIY project

There are several parts, below are the dimensions of each part:

  • Stove cabinet: 165x35x40 cm
  • Seat cabinet: 175x35x30 cm
  • Wall cabinet kitchen complete: 306x145x40 cm
  • Wall cabinet kitchen part A: 51.6x145x40 cm
  • Wall cabinet kitchen part B: 101.4x80x40 cm
  • Wall cabinet kitchen part C: 51.6x105x40 cm
  • Kitchen wall cupboard part D: 101.4x72x40 cm

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How next?

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