New shelves on the OSB 3 shelving unit, by Nikolai

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Nikolai Vladimirovich

Nikolai Vladimirovich


Very easy

1 minuut

Description by Nikolai

I placed new shelves on the shelving unit. The old ones were made from unsuitable, low quality MDF and quickly started to develop mold. I think the spores were already there because the other wood and MDF in my shed were completely free of mold. The OBS work table I had also had no mold at all, so I decided to also make planks from thinner (9mm) OSB. I had also considered other materials, but they were more expensive and I was sometimes not sure whether they would withstand the moisture.

How I made this project

I made the measured old planks/plates and ordered new ones of a similar size (a few millimeters smaller to ensure a good fit). I was amazed at the quality of the cut plates I received, I couldn't have achieved that precision with the simple tools I have, and the price was right. Unfortunately I forgot to count 1 plate and ordered 9 instead of 10 plates. Now ordering one extra plate becomes too expensive. So count twice before ordering.

Dimensions of my DIY project

9 planks 89.4 x 39.1 cm

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How next?

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