Modern hi-fi TV cabinet in plywood, by Alain

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In this project, Alain shows how he made a beautiful little audio cabinet from 40mm birch plywood, cut to size. It's a successful project and the own designer furniture is great!

Description of Alain

I assembled birch plywood boards to serve as a support for audio elements. each element has its own individual support to better insulate it.

How I did this project

I took the dimensions of the elements and calculated the necessary dimensions. I chose to have a support board for each element so that it is a little more isolated in terms of vibrations. I then sized and ordered a board serving as a top to make a two-level stacking. I then chose two elements to serve as spacers for the height and support for the top. I did not put any assembly elements in order to let the vibrations flow through the slices of the wood without an intermediate element.

Dimensions of my DIY project

100.0 cm x 40.0 cm approximately

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How next?

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