Make your own strong drawer in a folding trailer, by Rikkert

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Description by Rikkert

I made a large drawer in our trailer tent. Our trailer tent consists of a large box, with the bed and the fold-out tent on top. To make packing the container easier, I wanted to make a large drawer made of non-slip concrete plywood with rounded corners at the top. Because I don't have all the tools to cut everything to size and finish it myself, I ordered the wood to size.

How I made this project

I first worked out some things on paper; this meant a lot of measuring and sketching. After I had worked everything out, I ordered and installed drawer slides. I then measured the dimensions for the drawer again to make sure that what I had imagined I could actually make. After the final adjustments, I ordered the wood to size and then assembled the drawer as a kind of kit. Finally, I mounted the drawer on the guides.

Dimensions of my DIY project

1625x763x350 mm (lxwxh)

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