Make your own shelving unit with doors and legs, by Feiko

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3 minutes

Discover the charm of a homemade shelving unit

Are you looking for a unique way to give your living room, bedroom or office space a personal touch? Feiko recently completed the perfect DIY project: a stylish shelving unit with doors and loose legs, which is not only practical, but also a feast for the eyes. Be inspired by this DIY success and discover why a homemade cupboard can give so much satisfaction.

Building a perfect shelving unit

This shelving unit, custom made by and compiled by Feiko, is characterized by a smart layout of open compartments and closed storage space. The top section, with compartments cut out in different sizes, creates a playful effect and offers space to display beautiful accessories or books. The lower section, equipped with sleek doors, is perfect for storing items you prefer to keep out of sight. The whole stands on elegant feet, which give the cabinet a floating look. The finish with filler and precise painting gives the cabinet a professional look.

The advantages of do-it-yourself

Assembling a cabinet yourself has considerable advantages. Firstly, you have complete freedom when it comes to sizing. Whether you need a high, wide, deep or unconventional shape, you decide what suits your interior best. You can also choose from a wide range of materials. Do you want robust oak or perhaps a sleek MDF board? You decide for yourself what your final project will look like. And don't forget, you keep costs under control by rolling up your sleeves yourself.

The perfect addition to your living space

The Feiko cupboard fits seamlessly into its living room, where functionality and style go hand in hand. The white shade of the cabinet forms a harmonious whole with the bright walls, while the wooden floor offers a warm contrast. However, this cupboard would not look out of place in any room in the house. Think of a study room for all your books or a bedroom for an organized clothing collection.

A step-by-step project

From the delivery of the custom-sawn panels to the final installation of the cupboard, good preparation is half the battle. Using a clear construction plan, the parts are assembled step by step into a beautiful piece of furniture. You can see how Feiko built the project from the ground up, from the solid base cabinet to the creative layout at the top.

The style speaks volumes

The cabinet has a modern, sleek style that fits perfectly fits contemporary interior designs. The minimalist design offers a timeless charm that will not get boring quickly. The efficient combination of open and closed storage spaces also makes the cupboard both stylish and practical – a win-win situation.

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