Make your own new container for an old handcart from concrete plywood anti-slip, by Gert-Jan

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Above average

2 minutes

Making a container from non-slip concrete plywood for an old handcart is a fun job. Gert-Jan measured everything carefully and ordered the custom-made concrete block online. He opted for anti-slip, this type of concrete plywood is often used for hand carts. As an experienced handyman, he also did welding work on the handcart himself. It is of course also a shame to get rid of a handcart if it is still basically good.

Description by Gert-Jan

Well, what does a person do with an old go-kart? which the newborn grandchild is not yet ready for. Lots of free time, a new grandchild and a half-finished welding course: making a handcart of course!

How I made this project

The handcart was demolished and the frame shortened a bit. The steering mechanism converted into a drawbar steering wheel. And then of course we found this handy webshop for custom wood for the 'box'. First determine the dimensions with cardboard, because that is quite difficult to calculate with all those sloping surfaces. And then the panels were put together with piano hinges and pop rivets. At the bottom there are a few slats and a hook to keep the whole thing demountable for transport in the back of the car. Oh yes, and a car seat base converted and (temporarily) built in for the baby seat.

Dimensions of my DIY project

150.0 x 100.0 x 80.0 cm


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