Make an attractive cupboard yourself for your eco holiday home Paviljoen Esch, by Jeroen

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Sustainable and stylish: handmade cabinets for Pavilion Esch

Need inspiration for a custom-made interior project? Then take a look at this great realization by Jeroen for his eco holiday home Paviljoen Esch. This DIY project shows how a combination of functionality and sustainability leads to the creation of beautiful, handmade cabinets that integrate flawlessly with a natural interior.

The structure of the project

Jeroens Craftsmanship is evident in every detail of the cabinets. The wood for this project, accurately sawn to size by, consists of Spruce solid three-layer panel of 19 mm thickness. The bright, natural shade of the wood creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in the room. The subtle wood structures emphasize the authenticity and quality of the material.

The unique details

The cabinets have double walls that not only provide extra strength, but also a special aesthetic element add. Jeroen has shown an eye for detail by using invisible fixings, which contributes to a sleek and finished appearance.

Craftsmanship in the bedroom

Arranging custom-made cupboards in the bedroom van Jeroen's eco holiday home provides a quiet and orderly atmosphere. The cabinets provide ample storage space and keep the room tidy, contributing to a serene rest environment. The natural wooden effect reinforces the eco-friendly vision of the Pavilion Esch.

Benefits of making it yourself

By realizing the project himself, Jeroen was not only able to reduce the dimensions of his cabinets tailor it exactly to the available space, but also follow his own preferences in choice of materials and finish. This has resulted in significant cost savings, without sacrificing quality and style.

A contemporary style

Jeroen's cabinets radiate a modern, but timeless style that matches the ecological appearance of Pavilion Esch. The natural elements together form a coherent look that strengthens the connection with the environment.

Benefits of Spruce wood

Spruce solid three-layer panel is a popular choice for DIY projects , and not without reason. This type of wood is durable, easy to work with and provides a stable surface for staining or lacquering. The natural character of spruce wood makes every piece of furniture unique, with the lively patterns providing a visually pleasing appearance.

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How next?

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