IKEA hack: Toy furniture with TROVAST and IVAR parts, by Sharona

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Sharona shows how she performed a clever IKEA hack by combining Trofast and Ivar parts to create a toy piece of furniture. Her creative approach resulted in a practical storage solution that is perfect for toys. She shares her steps and ideas to inspire others to get started and create unique furniture pieces that meet their specific needs.

Description of Sharona

A large toy furniture made of pine wood, including desk with two seats for children. And lots of storage space, thanks to the play bins in the cupboards.

How I made this project

The bottom of the play furniture is made with two cupboards from IKEA, model TROFAST. The white storage bins also come from there. Then a space was measured out for the desk, with enough seating for two toddler chairs. We opted for one meter of seating space. On top of the IKEA cupboards, a pine wooden plate was attached from TOSIZE.at! This extends over the entire length and is also the desk. The top is varnished with a matte varnish layer, so that it can be played safely.

Dimensions of my DIY project

280.0 cm wide x 44.0 cm deep x 53. 0 cm high

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How next?

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