Homemade ventilation shafts from MDF Blank including miter, by Hans

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Description by Hans

With the installation of a new heat recovery and heat pump installation in our house, built in 2000, we aimed to become more sustainable in one go and to get rid of gas from this measure. be able to. There was no heat recovery system in our house, so supply ducts had to be installed to bring the air to the various rooms. I ordered the necessary panels from TOSIZE.at, MDF Blank 18 mm, with a 45 degree miter on the long side. Home delivery was quick and correct.

How I made this project

I glued the panels together in miter and reinforced them with bobbins. The pipe ducts could easily be installed before they were painted. The job was done with sealing and installing supply valves.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Various bedrooms and bathroom, wardrobe, length dimensions of 340.0 cm, 320.0 cm, 210, 0cm and 180.0cm. Cove dimensions; 16.0 by 16.0 cm.

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