Homemade TV cabinet with structure, by Arjan

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We have made a TV cabinet measuring 280.0 cm by 250.0 cm high, with an integrated litter box and cable storage space. We have also made a magnetic blackboard for the little one where she can play around and use magnets. Everything else is storage space.

Work description: how did you realize your project

Ordering, gluing and screwing. We started with the bottom frame, then built the top parts separately, so that it is always easy to disassemble.
The bottom frame also has room for a litter box and a magnetic blackboard for the little one.
br />We also cut out the skirting boards and ensured that the drawers did not protrude. sockets and the like. After everything was screwed down, we started painting the furniture to achieve this fantastic end result. We are very happy with OPMAATZAGEN.nl because it is exactly the size and was neatly delivered.

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

Length: 280.0 cm
Height: 250.0 cm
Depth: 50.0 cm

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