Handy drawbar case for trailer tent, by Peter

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Description by Peter

A waterproof suitcase for the drawbar of a trailer tent. For the transport of extra items that need to be immediately available without having to fully open the trailer tent. The box must be very sturdy, because it must store heavy items such as a gas bottle, tent pegs and electricity, cords. In addition, the drawbar is subject to considerable forces and must be able to withstand shocks in the event of potholes. It must also be completely splash-proof.

How I made this project

Working drawing made Wood ordered from TOSIZE.at. Crate assembled with exterior screws and outdoor polyurethane wood glue. Reinforced with ribs of spruce wood, but ensured that it is still flexible. Reinforcement in the middle and division into two compartments. Double bottom made of wood for strength and attachment to the drawbar. Painted with exterior stain. Covered on the outside with bisonyl. Legs made to slightly raise the suitcase on the drawbar. Made with threaded rod and iron plates. Lid made of bisonyl. Elastics and hooks applied. Attached to the trailer tent.

Dimensions of my DIY project

28.4 x 110.4 cm

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