Handy compact folding computer desk made of MDF and Betonplex, by Rob

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2 minutes


A desk with compact dimensions that is easy to fold, so it takes up very little space. When opened, you see a screen with a keyboard. The computer is hidden in the lower part. There is also more storage space in the lower part. This is accessible with doors on both sides. The cabinet contains LED lighting that can be turned on and off with a switch. The lid is automatically damped when it is opened.

DIY: folding computer desk

The furniture was put together in a few weekends. First, all MDF parts were assembled according to the drawing. Most parts are assembled with long chipboard screws when the screws are not in sight. Other parts including the betonplex are attached to the MDF connected. This means that no construction holes are visible on the outside, which makes the furniture look sleek.
The bottom doors are mounted with concealed hinges. The flap is secured with flap hinges and guides with damping.
The MDF is painted white with a paint roller. The LED lighting was purchased from Ikea.

Custom-made computer desk

When folded, the furniture is 125.0 cm high, 80.0 cm wide and 20.0 cm deep. When the desk is opened, the depth increases and becomes a total of 70.0 cm.

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