Flexible shelving unit, by Roderik

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2 minutes

How ideal is it to be able to neatly store your books in the study? Roderik therefore made a flexible shelving unit from Multiplex Birch. He ordered the sheet material from us, after which he could quickly get to work making a simple but handy shelving unit. Now his study is neatly tidy! 

Description by Roderik

We have made a flexible shelving unit for our study room to store (particularly) books.  The rails make it possible to move shelves.

How I made this project

First of all, I measured the dimensions of the irregular wall and made a drawing of how I wanted the cabinet Shaping. We live in a 1930s house where straight walls don't actually exist, so that takes some time and thought. 
I initially bought the white f-rails and then spray painted them gold to give the cabinet a vintage look. Once the rails had dried thoroughly, I hung them at regular intervals from each other and from the surrounding walls. I also spray painted the accompanying shelf beams gold and used them to level the rails on the wall. 

Only after the rails were attached to the wall did I order the dimensions of the shelves. It is safer to measure this when the rails are already on the wall than to do it in advance. If the sizes are different, you will have the wrong dimensions for your planks. I chose Multiplex Birch 18 mm, because I like the layering and it is a strong plank. I finished it with a transparent, matte varnish for protection. I still have a few spare shelves in the cupboard if I want to vary a bit, or need more or less space.

Dimensions of my DIY project

The great thing about this project is that the sizes actually don't matter that much, because you can make it entirely according to your own wishes. In our case, the widest width (at the top) is approximately 230.0 cm. The lower part has a width of approximately 140.0 cm. The depth of the cabinet is approximately 30.0 cm. The height is 200.0 cm.

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How next?

This is a project for inspiration. Because our assortment has changed, (some of) the products are no longer available.

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