Fireplace furniture made of 30 mm black MDF, by Hans

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In this project, Hans shows how he custom-made a cupboard for his mantelpiece. The result is a piece of furniture that perfectly matches its interior, made of custom-sawn black MDF 30mm. 

Description by Hans

We had plans to add an extension to our chimney to connect a pellet stove. Because we already had experience with the webshop and ordering sawn sheet material online, we decided to add a cupboard to one side to dress it up a bit.

How I made this project

We started by measuring the part where the cupboard should be placed. Then various plans were drawn. We decided to keep the plan with the triangular planks because it showed a playful character that we liked. We chose stained heavy MDF of 30mm thick. The measurements were passed on and everything was delivered neatly tailored. After assembling the cabinet, it now shines beautifully next to our new pellet stove.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Width 40.0cm
Length 40.0cm br />Height 220.0cm

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