Fascia shed and gutter, by Marissa

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Renew the bottom of the gutter with previously ordered fascias above it and renew the shed fascias. Most of these had to be milled, primed, assembled, finished, primed again and finished.

DIY: renewing fascia boards

We had already placed an earlier order with you for the fascia boards. This time we needed fascias for the shed and for the bottom of the gutter.

The gutter used to be all loose slats from which we have now made 1 plate and added 'slats' ourselves. milled in to keep it as original as possible.

In our case, we also milled an edge on the underside of the panel to preserve the characteristic detail of the 1930s house.

We then primed the milled parts and attached them to the house using glue and nails.
We filled the nail holes with a flexible two-component filler, finished this and completely primed the panels again. varnished.

Custom fascias

Bottom of gutter 67.0x5.48 cm.

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