Extra shelves in built-in cupboard made of custom-sawn MDF Lacquer carrier foil, by Aylin

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Very easy

2 minutes

In this DIY project, Aylin shows that a job can also be done very easily! She ordered custom MDF varnish backing foil to make extra shelves in her built-in cupboard, so that another cupboard in her room could be removed and she has more space. View the result and her approach in this blog post.

Description of Aylin

This built-in cupboard initially only had a clothes rack and I did not use it for clothes. I had a bookcase in my bedroom that was taking up a lot of space, so I decided to convert the built-in wardrobe into a built-in bookcase. I also had no place to put my printer, but now I do, thanks to the bookcase I built. The printer's plug can now be plugged straight into the socket without having to move the printer every time. So I'm very happy with it!

How I made this project

I used 3 planks of MDF with 18 mm lacquer carrier film for this project. I had pieces of wood at home and I sawed 6 of them to size. I then adhered the 6 pieces of wood to the walls with construction/assembly glue. I then let this dry for 24 hours and did not weigh it down with the planks or anything like that. Once this dried, I placed the planks one by one on the glued pieces of wood. I haven't edited the rest of the planks or anything, so the edges that aren't white don't really bother me. It was a very simple process thanks to the planks already cut to size!

Dimensions of my DIY project

The dimensions of each plank are:
Long side: 86.0 cm
Short side: 48.0 cm

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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out Aylin's saw list and complete your order easily.


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