DIY Shelving unit in white satin gloss for the living room, by Ronald

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Meet Ronald's living room metamorphosis

Do you want to give your living room a fresh and organized look? Be inspired by Ronald's DIY project: a stylish white shelving unit with double doors, completely custom-made for his living room. Discover how this cupboard not only offers functionality, but also aesthetically enriches the space.

The perfect match for the living room

Ronald has created a custom-made shelving unit that fits seamlessly with the atmosphere of his living room. The neutral white semi-gloss finish of the cabinet complements the interior and enhances the bright, serene ambiance of the room. The dimensions are perfectly matched to the height of the ceiling and the width of the living room, resulting in an integrated whole that seems to have been designed with the architecture of the room in mind.

Unique construction and finish /h3>

The project catches the eye because of the unique composition of open compartments and closed storage spaces. The two double doors at the bottom provide sufficient space for items that should remain out of sight, while the open compartments provide space for decorative elements that should be seen. With materials cut to size by, this is a perfect example of how personal taste and functional design go hand in hand.

Making your own piece of furniture: the benefits

Creating a piece of furniture like this yourself offers enormous advantages. First of all, there is the flexibility in dimensions, which means you can be sure that the end result fits perfectly in your living room. In addition, you have the freedom to choose your own materials that suit your style and budget. The satisfaction of making it yourself is priceless, and it also allows you to fully personalize the piece of furniture.

The style of the project: sleek and modern

The shelving unit from Ronald exudes a sleek and modern style, which fits ideally with contemporary interior trends. The white semi-gloss finish emphasizes the clean lines and makes it timeless. Moreover, a white cupboard is easy to combine with different living styles and color palettes, so Ronald and any future do-it-yourselfers can go in many directions with their interior.

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