DIY: robust TV cabinet made from OSB, by Jeroen

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2 minutes


I made a TV cabinet from OSB wood. With felt doors, so that sound and infrared can pass through. It is custom made so that my subwoofer and center speaker fit exactly in it. There is also a light strip (Phillips Hue) underneath and there are ventilation grilles.

Custom TV cabinet

Started from top to bottom. First the sides, center planks and back were attached to the top with dowels and glue. Cutouts made in the back for the cabinet hanging system. Extension cords pre-installed. And finally the bottom was screwed on. I made recesses in the bottom for ventilation grilles and the inlet for the subwoofer. Cable ducts (200x15x15) mounted for the light strip. And drawer guides with a shelf for the receiver (so you can easily reach the cables) and finally the felt doors. I used the felt doors in two sizes, 51.7 x 32.2 and 68.8 x 32.2. Because I discovered that the wall I wanted to hang the cabinet on was not straight, I chose to also mount two legs under the cabinet. This for extra strength and safety.

The dimensions of the project

241.0 cm wide
50.0 cm deep
63.8 cm high ( with leg)
35.8 cm high without leg

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