DIY elegant living room column from MDF, by Martijn

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Very easy

2 minutes

Homemade column: a showpiece in your living room

Are you looking for a unique element in your living room that is both stylish and personal? Be inspired by Martijn's project, who has created a beautiful column with precision and creativity. This column forms the perfect stage for decorative elements and adds a modern touch to the space.

The construction of the column

Martijn's project starts with carefully choosing the material. By using the services of, the MDF primed wood was sawn to perfect size. The column has a smooth finish and the fresh, white color enhances the feeling of spaciousness in the living room. The subtle shine of the woodwork catches the light and brings the environment to life.

Why a column in the living room?

The living room is the ideal place for this project. The column stands proudly next to the fireplace, a place where it immediately catches the eye and makes a statement. The column is not only a stand for a beautiful vase with ferns, but also functions as a work of art in itself. It proves that true beauty lies in the simplicity of design.

Benefits of DIY

By doing the work himself, Martijn had the freedom to fully customize the dimensions of the column. to be determined according to your own wishes. This DIY project allows you to experiment with materials and colors so you can create an item that fits seamlessly with your interior. Moreover, making it yourself is often an economical choice, because you only pay for the material and finish you really want.

The rounded style of the column

Martijn's project is completely completed and the result is a minimalist style that suits a modern interior. The column has clean lines without unnecessary details, making it a timeless piece that would shine in any modern living room.

Advantages of primed MDF

Primed MDF is a material that lends itself perfectly for these types of projects. It is easy to tool, paint and finish, making it a popular choice for hobbyists and professionals alike. The smooth base layer ensures that painting proceeds smoothly and the final color is even. Its durability and ease of maintenance make it a wise choice for anyone looking for a stylish, yet easy-to-maintain addition to their interior.

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How next?

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