Custom wall cabinet with space for TV, by Ellen

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In this DIY project, Ellen describes how she came up with the idea to install a beautiful custom cabinet in their new home. She started working with the handy 3D configurator and designed her custom cabinet herself! Building the cabinet was also very easy. She painted it herself in a beautiful green color. Read more about her project below.

Description by Ellen

When we viewed this house, we immediately saw it in front of us. A custom-made wall cabinet with space for the TV. It was very nice to design everything from scratch, the depth, space for the TV and the doors at the bottom. This is ideal for storing things in the back, such as the children's toys. All the different niches in various sizes give the cupboard a playful but modern look. We had already put together the cabinet online, but I really liked that I could visit the showroom to see various models. This was the deciding factor in the width of the shelves and the number of doors. We knew exactly how it should look, but the fact that you can make the cupboard exactly to your wishes is fantastic. We chose to order the planks in primed white and paint them ourselves. We knew exactly what color we wanted. We are so happy with it!

How I made this project

As a first step, we measured the dimensions of the wall in various places and then ordered the cabinet in the showroom. When the cabinet was delivered to our home, we were struck by how small the total package actually was. Very nice because it easily fit in the garage. The description, materials supplied and especially the pre-drilled holes make it a very easy system to assemble. Once the bottom is properly level, assembling the cabinet is very simple and the cabinet was up within a day. We ordered this in primed white and then received it in several layers in this beautiful deep green color.

Dimensions of my DIY project

243.2 x 337.2 x 40.0 cm

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