Custom flight case storage box with strong concrete plywood, by Karel

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2 minutes

Discover how Karel created a sturdy custom-made flight case storage box with durable concrete plywood. His project offers inspiration for your own storage solutions. Learn from his craftsmanship and discover how you can make practical and robust storage furniture that perfectly suits your needs.

Description of Karel

Together with my daughter Chiara I made a storage box out of concrete plywood . This box is used for storing pet food, bicycle tools, washing tools and garden tools. This box had to be long but not too wide to have much passage.

How I made this project

To attach I chose screws and not wooden bolts and glue. I first mounted the long side on the bottom. Then the 2 corner pieces. Then placed the box on the long side, placed the intermediate piece (division inside the box) and placed and screwed the long front. The inner plank was sawn to size from a scrap piece and placed in the box to screw on the intermediate piece. Then placed 4 wooden bolts on which the courtyard rests and also placed 2 hinges on them. The lid is 1 cm longer to easily close and open the box. 6 hinges placed on the back.

Dimensions of my DIY project

200x50x90 cm

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