Custom desktop made of solid wood

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Work description: how did you realize your project

I work independently as an illustrator from home and it was time for a larger agency. A custom desktop that fits all items, but also has enough space to draw. There was no agency to be found that met these wishes, and I actually thought it was much more fun to do it myself. I had calculated a specific size of 1.10 meters by 2.50 meters; which is big, but fits in the space. Because it is partly also in our living room and I want to enjoy it for a long time, I chose solid pine.

Solid wood panel desk

The light color and the drawing in the wood appealed to me. The blade is very sturdy and sawn exactly the right size. It rests on a steel scaffolding tube construction which is easy to assemble, even if you are not a handyman like me. The price was good, it was very nice that the desktop was cut to size and since I don't own a car, it was very convenient that it was delivered. External dimensions 1x Carpentry panel pine of 250.0 x 110.0 cm

Finished format: What are the outer dimensions?

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