Custom cupboard doors for existing cupboard in living room, by Pascal

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For a less busy appearance, Pascal has custom-made cabinet doors for an existing cabinet. There had been a beautiful cupboard in his living room for some time, but due to its open character he had decided to make custom doors himself. He ordered custom-made MDF. He himself installed hinges in these doors. And the milled seams were also made by Pascal. The result is a fitting whole. 

Description of Pascal

Cupboard doors made for a cupboard in the room. The closet was mostly open. A large part has been closed for a sleeker and less busy appearance. Milled the inner lines myself.

How I made this project

The cabinet doors were cut to size via the webshop. I also milled the sides late. Then first measured the suspension. Drilled the holes for the suspension with a Forstner drill. The inner lines of the doors were milled at home with a router. Then aligned the mounting and drilled out the holes. Then primed the doors several times and coated them with paint. Hang the doors with two people. Finally, the doors are neatly adjusted and tidy.

Dimensions of my DIY project

85.0 x 73.0 cm

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