Create your own perfect cupboard next to the washing machine, by Simone

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DIY: Perfect cupboard for next to the washing machine

Do you dream of a tidy bathroom with a cupboard that fits exactly next to your washing machine? Discover how Simone achieved this and get inspired for your own DIY project!

The design: tailor-made for your space

Simone was looking for a practical solution for her bathroom. A high cupboard that reaches the ceiling, with sufficient storage space and a separate compartment for a high laundry basket. By having the cabinet made to a special width, it now fits perfectly next to the washing machine and makes optimal use of the space.

The choice of

To achieve this detailed project into reality, Simone chose The wood for the cabinet was sawn there with millimeter precision. This ensures that the end result looks sleek and professional, even for the do-it-yourselfer.

Get started yourself: building the cabinet

Like the photo' ;s show, Simone's project is a step-by-step development, starting with the carefully marked and sawn parts. She chose a fresh, neutral color that matches the style of her bathroom. Each part was then assembled with precision and checked with a spirit level, so that everything is perfectly aligned.

The advantages of your own construction project

Making a cabinet like this yourself offers several advantages . First of all, you have the freedom to adjust the dimensions and design to your own wishes. In addition, you can save costs by carrying out the work yourself and choosing materials within your budget.

A stylish result in the bathroom

Once finished, Simone's cabinet exudes a modern, minimalist style that gives the bathroom a tidy and stylish look. The uniform compartments and the seamless design match various interior styles and create a calm image.

Unique details

What makes Simone's cupboard unique are the small details. For example, practical use has been taken into account with a special compartment for the laundry basket. In addition, the cabinet fits seamlessly into the environment, making it an integral part of the bathroom.

Save space and create convenience

Simone has shown how you can use a little creativity and Using you can create a space-saving, functional closet that makes everyday life easier. Be inspired by her project and think about how you can apply tailor-made solutions in your home!

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