Compartment cupboard painted with lime paint by Rosalie from @home.byroos

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In this DIY story you can see how Rosalie started building and painting her TOSIZE Furniture cupboard. She painted the cupboard with a lime paint for a beautiful result, added a desk herself and placed handles on the doors as an addition. Read along and see the beautiful result!

Description of Rosalie

Rosalie has designed a cabinet via the 3D configurator on the website in the dimensions that fit well on her wall. She took into account the desk that she wanted to attach to the left side. She ordered loose sheet material for the desk and attached it to the cupboard herself.

How I made this project

The package arrived as a construction kit and Rosalie and her boyfriend immediately started putting it together.

I am honestly so excited about this concept! You can put together your custom-made cabinet on the website using the configurator. Doors, shelves, compartments, etc. You will receive a construction drawing with a concise manual (super easy). All beams and uprights are mentioned. Hinges, dowels, wall mounting, everything is included and perfectly pre-drilled and sawn to size. I think we spent a total of 3 hours putting the cupboard together.

After putting it together, she primed the cupboard and then applied it in two layers with lime paint. treated. For this she has the color 'Camille' from the Betonlook brand used. This fits very nicely with the wall that has the color 'Subtile stone' from Flexa. She has attached small handles to the doors, because otherwise she would get shiny spots on the doors from the push-to-open system. The handles are a wonderful addition and are from Zara Home.

Dimensions of my DIY project

240 x 200 x 40 cm. Material: MDF Blank 38 mm.

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How next?

Would you like to make this DIY project? This furniture is from our TOSIZE Furniture line. Create your personal custom-made furniture via our 3D configurator and receive it as a simple kit.


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