Baby room makeover: IKEA Pax as a walk-in closet and chest of drawers, by Gerard

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2 minutes

Inspiring baby room transformation with IKEA Pax and custom-made chest of drawers

Imagine: the small details that make a baby room unique, realized with your own hands. That is exactly what Gerard had in mind when he started his DIY project. With the efficient IKEA Pax as a base and custom wood from Gerard has created a walk-in closet and integrated chest of drawers that fit perfectly in the baby's room, creating a space of peace and order.

The structure of the walk-in closet and chest of drawers

The walk-in closet designed by Gerard is characterized by a sleek design in a neutral color that matches seamlessly with the rest of the room. By consciously choosing MDF Lacquer Carrier Foil with a thickness of 18 mm for the finish, the project gives a timeless look that fits in with any style. The Pax cabinets offer the benefit of simple and flexible layouts, while the custom-made areas add a personal element.

Why the baby room is perfect for this project

The baby room is a place of intimacy and care, and the walk-in closet combined with the chest of drawers brings organization and style together. The clean lines and balanced color combinations create a peaceful environment that is both functional and aesthetic.

Flexibility and budget-friendliness

By choosing to make this project himself, Gerard was able to be creative with fully adapt the budget and dimensions to the available space in the baby room. The IKEA Pax walk-in wardrobe provided a solid and affordable basis, while the freedom in choice of materials - thanks to the precisely cut-to-size panels from - led to a personal end result.

Style elements of the baby room walk-in closet and chest of drawers

Gerard's walk-in closet and dresser are not only practical, but also an example of a modern and minimalist style. The choice of soft colors, the layout of the cabinets and the refined handles contribute to a serene and tidy space.

Advantages of MDF Lacquer Backing Foil

Choosing MDF Lacquer Backing Foil has many advantages. The surface is smooth and ready to be painted, which allowed Gerard to achieve a sleek finish. In addition, MDF is easy to process and durable, which means that the walk-in wardrobe and chest of drawers can last for years.

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