A unique tile pattern in the hallway with custom-sawn plywood, by Olivier

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Description of Olivier

Hallway covered with plywood okoumé 6mm plates in tile pattern and then painted white. This way we were able to remove all the skirting boards and door frames and achieve a sleek hallway.

How I made this project

We started by removing all the skirting boards and door frames. Where necessary, the parquet was updated so that no openings were seen later. Everything was measured down to the millimeter because not a single door was straight, nor was the floor level. As a result, there were sometimes differences of 10mm between the distances at the top and bottom. After measuring, the plywood panels were ordered and delivered. They were attached to the wall with silicone glue and spaced with spacers. After drying, the joints between the plates were sealed with acrylic. The wood was then sanded and primed twice with 1 finishing layer. Thorough sanding was done between each layer.

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How next?

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