A TOSIZE Furniture wall cabinet made of MDF with different depths, by Leonie

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In this DIY project, Leonie shows how she custom-made her TOSIZE furniture cupboard. She was looking for a beautiful custom cabinet for her living room and started working with the 3D configurator herself. She ordered two different cabinets (and depths). During installation, Leonie made recesses for the sockets herself. And by painting the two cabinets in the same color, it has become a beautiful whole that fits well with the interior. 

Description by Leonie

We made a wall cabinet in two parts: a low part with doors, and a high part with compartments and for the television. Then painted the whole thing.

How I made this project

Work description worked fine, we first leveled and built up the bottom part. From left to right, and a little wood glue in the connecting holes. Don't use too much glue, otherwise you will keep polishing it away. Then assembled the top part on top. Seams sealed with acrylic so that it looks sleek. Then things in primer and topcoat, then doors in (which were painted separately). The push-to-open buttons were also pre-drilled in the wood, so they could be quickly screwed on.

Dimensions of my DIY project

253.0 cm high
360 .0 cm wide

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