A homemade room divider with decorative fireplace, by Adrie

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2 minutes

In this project, Adrie shows that with some inspiration you can realize very beautiful projects relatively easily. He has come up with a smart solution for installing a beautiful divider in his living room. He has combined a room divider with a decorative fireplace. He made the basis for this from custom-sawn MDF panels. 

Description by Adrie

To create some optical separation between the dining area and the sitting area in our room, I made a room divider with a decorative fireplace. We thought this was a better solution than placing a piece of wall.

How I made this project

I first looked around and googled quite a bit before I started the project. We visited various shops to gain the necessary inspiration. However, a visit to a decorative fireplace shop unexpectedly gave us the deciding factor for the final design. So for us it was two birds with one stone. A room divider and a nice place for a decorative fireplace! The problem was that the double U-shape would result in a lot of waste because I would have to saw that shape out of a sheet. But since this handy sawing service really delivers super-smooth sawing work, I dared to build everything from loose pieces of MDF. So no waste and I was also able to use some residual material from previous projects to strengthen the inside. In the end, I only had to fill in very little because of the tight cutting lines. A seamless surface was the result.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Height 115.0 cm
Width 90.0 cm
Depth 23.0 cm /p>

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