A custom-made desk and hobby table made of MDF, by Paul

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2 minutes

Ordering custom MDF online makes making your own desk a lot easier. Especially if, due to a lack of space, part of the desk needs to have a beveled corner. Paul has redesigned his workspace with a custom desk or hobby table. He finished these self-made workplaces beautifully and professionally with vinyl and plastic corner line.

Description by Paul

I had 2 desks in the hobby room that were far too bulky and the room was very small made. I made two new tables for this to save space and have the same work surface. This makes the desks somewhat narrower, but longer. A beveled top has created a spacious entrance. I covered the top with vinyl and added a decorative frame. The end edges finished with a plastic corner line.

How I made this project

All panels were first drawn out and ordered to size. Was done extremely accurately. First finished the tops and then made the bases underneath. The tops are covered with vinyl and fitted with a decorative frame. End edges finished with plastic corner line. Cable ducts were also made at the back, also from the sawn material. The decorative slats of the top were varnished once and then waxed. So no more problems with pollution. I am very satisfied with the results achieved and can also recommend this way of working by ordering custom wood online.

Dimensions of my DIY project

2 tables of 140.0 cm by 60.0 cm with 1 beveled edge

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How next?

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