A children's desk between two cupboards

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Very easy

1 minuut

What have you made?

Between 2 shelves of an Ikea Cabinet, I placed 2 extra wide planks (cut to size by TOSIZE.co.uk), and a deeper plank, which now serves as a children's workplace.

How did you proceed?

I made IKEA shelves out of them by sawing out pieces, so that they fall nicely into the shelving unit. I used special pins for mounting that are also used with the metal IVAR cabinets (just reordered at Ikea) I also sawed out pieces of the desk so that it fell into the shelving unit. I also used a pine table leg for extra support. I have also rounded the corners of the desk, so that there are no more painful points when children fall on it.

Finished format: What are the outer dimensions?

IVAR cabinet 1 is 100.0 cm wide and 30.0 cm deep IVAR cabinet 2 is 50.0 cm wide and 30.0 cm deep The two shelves of TOSIZE.co.uk are 110.0 cm wide and 30.0 cm deep. children's desk is 50.0 cm deep and 110.0 cm wide

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How next?

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