A chest of drawers with custom-made spruce panels based on IKEA Ivar furniture, by Melissa

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Very easy

2 minutes

In this DIY project, Melissa shows how she made a beautiful and unique chest of drawers. By ordering sawn spruce wood panels online, she was able to get started right away. This way, you can quickly and uniquely upgrade your Ikea furniture.

Description from Melissa

I wanted to build a changing table and used the wood to build a body for four Ikea Ivar drawers. Material: Glued spruce wood panel 1.8cm thick 2 side parts: 105 x 55 cm Top plate made of 2 parts: 80.8 x 60 cm + 80.8 x 10 cm Top panel: 80.8 x 9.5 cm 2x bottom panel: 80.8 x 5 cm Back: 80.8 x 45 cm Drawers: Ikea Ivar for 30 EUR each Attention! The dimensions provided by Ikea do not match the actual dimensions. The drawers are given as 18x80x50 - but are 18.5x80.8x50. I made two shelves to match and attached them with leather straps. Dimensions: 80 x 20 cm

How I did this project

I milled a slight bevel on the edges at a 45 degree angle and sanded all the wooden surfaces first to 80 and finally to 240 grit. Then I stained the wood with Clou stain in medium oak and varnished it with Clou wood varnish. When assembling it, I worked my way from top to bottom. I wanted a 15 cm high border so that the baby couldn't roll off the dresser. I framed the top panel from behind with a back panel. Then I attached a 9.5 cm panel directly under the top panel. From there I worked my way down, drawer by drawer. I finished off the bottom with a panel. Since I didn't close the back completely, I attached a base at the bottom to stabilize it.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Height of top plate: 93.0 cm
Total height: 105.0 cm
Width: 84.4 cm
Depth: 55.0 cm

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How next?

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