Dining room bench with custom storage space, by Elske

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2 minutes

Description by Elske

After getting some inspiration from other DIY projects online and on Pinterest, I decided to make my own sofa with cushions. With a clear idea of ​​the final dimensions and the type of wood I wanted to use, I started designing in SketchUp. This gave me the right dimensions to order the wood from TOSIZE.at, where I could order parts cut to size.

How I made this project

Step 1: Design the sofa and cushions. Inspired by other DIY projects I found online and Pinterest. After I knew the final dimensions and the type of wood, I drew everything in SketchUpp to determine the correct dimensions for the wood and start ordering. Step 2: Putting all the loose wooden parts together to see if it would all fit, successful! Step 3: Assemble the inner frame with screws. Step 4: I used the MDF for all visible parts and I degreased, sanded, primed again and then lacquered it once before mounting it. For the curve I used bend plywood, a leftover piece I had at home. Step 5: Gluing the visible parts to the inner frame. You obviously don't want any screw holes, so that's why I used wood glue. Step 6: Seal all small cracks with acrylic sealant. Step 7: Paint again now that it is completely assembled and sealed. Step 8: Add the cushions and you're done! I had the cushions custom made at NoFruit in Vught.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Excl. cushions, the dining room sofa is 244 cm wide, 38 cm high and 54 cm deep.

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How next?

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